Wrapper for ldc2 to building windows binaries
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This a wrapper for ldc2 to building windows binaries on Linux/OSX

Dependencies for building

  • ldc2
  • lld-link

Dependencies for runtime installer

  • bash
  • wget
  • unzip
  • 7z


Configure runtime

Runtime configured by system environments:

VERSION - version of ldc2. Default "1.12.0"
TAG - git tag. Default "v${VERSION}"
PLATFORM - platform (windows,linux,osx). Default "windows"
ARCH - architecture of LDC. Default "multilib"
EXT - extension of archive with ldc. Default "7z"


After installing all dependencies, execute next commands:

git clone https://git.prime-hack.net/SR_team/wldc
chmod +x wldc/bin/download-wldc-runtime.sh wldc/bin/i686-wldc2.sh wldc/bin/x86_64-wldc2.sh
bash wldc/bin/download-wldc-runtime.sh

Add path /path/to/wldc/bin into $PATH

Reinstall runtime

cd /path/to/wldc/
git clean -xdf


wldc2.d app.d -of=app.exe